The Cobbler

by Sitting Next to Brian

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released December 2, 2014

Brian Marchese-- vocals, drums, percussion, guitar, keyboard, marimba
Henning Ohlenbusch--guitar, keyboard, bass (1), backing vocals, claps
Thane Thomsen--bass guitar; backing vocals (12)
Jason Bourgeois--keyboard (1, 2, 3, 6, 9,10, 11); backing vocals (10,12)
Beth Savage Marchese--lead vocals (5, 6, 11) backing vocals (2) claps (1,2)
Lesa Bezo-backing vocals (2,3) claps (1,2)
Ken Maiuri--piano (2)
Dave Trenholm--flute (6)
Katy Schneider--pedal steel (7)
Melissa Nelson--cello (4)
Annie Regan- backing vocals (3)
Mark Mulcahy- backing vocals (7)
Philip Price- backing vocals (7)
Lord Russ- backing vocals (7)

“Marina del Mar” (feat. AstroBeast)
lead vocals and drumset - Brian Marchese
vocals - Kate Richardson, Michele Costigan, Karen Schumer
guitars - Kaliis Smith, Jonathan Keezing
keys - Kate Richardson
bass - Dan Richardson
beats -Malcolm Braverman, Kirin Bourgeois, Dan Richardson
horns - David Trenholm, Joel Dundorf, Fred Hooven, Jonathan Byerly, Zippy Cool

Produced by Henning Ohlenbusch and Brian Marchese.
Recorded and mixed by Henning Ohlenbusch at Rub Wrongways, Northampton, MA, July 2013 to October 2014.
Thane Thomsen’s bass recorded by Thane at Sundry Locations, Northampton, MA.
"Marina del Mar" recorded and mixed by Dan Richardson down in the basement, Northampton, MA.
Feedback in “The Holding and the Held” and synth intro to “The Wrong Tree” recorded at Comfort Crunch, Northampton, MA.
Mastered by Dan Richardson up in the basement.

Cover Art by Perry Carter
Design by Max Germer

Words and music by Brian T. Marchese, except 6 and 11, words by Beth Savage Marchese.
©2014 Shower Caddy Music ASCAP

Dedicated to the memory of Ms. Rita Violet.



all rights reserved


Sitting Next to Brian Northampton, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Ocean, You Owe Me
Trinidadian traffic jam, tears under dome light
Submarine, sonar sound, hollow ring, droning box kite
Flying high, flying low, under ¾ moonlight
Ocean, you owe me.

Over that mountain peak, there is just more confusion
I was fooled into thinking I’m immune to delusion
I’ll believe anyone who confirms this illusion
So I’ll stay where I’m loved

A third hand source once told me
“Beware of relevancy”
So a third place horse is what I’ll be
And I’ll be spared any whips

From the salt of the earth comes the next free world leader
Sprouted from briar patch and it nearly did bleed her
And some crows stole her clothes but untangled and freed her
And now her empire feeds her

We’re seated by our middle names
The ones with two must give one away
I slam the door shut and I say
“Ellis climbed the trellis!”
Track Name: Bypassing Beautiful Beginnings
A wink, a nod to city crowds
The future was the never now
When welcome mats were read aloud
and we’re Bypassing Beautiful Beginnings

They lionize, then nullify
Grow suspect of your eagle eye
Grow wary of your weary sighs,
and we’re....

An alchemist, a brilliant hang
A pricey cut with bargain bangs
Won’t find approval from our gangs
and we’re....

We’ll walk 10 feet above the ground
Through August heat, we’ll soldier on
Relationships wash up at dawn
and we’re....

So 6 am has come and gone
The promised storm, mocked by the sun
We shared a smile, we’re out of style
and we’re...

Come inside and stay awhile....

And so it ends, we stirred the pot
We eyed the bait, but only caught
An enigmatic parting shot, and we’re...

A wink, a nod to city crowds
The future was the never now
When welcome mats were read aloud
and we’re bypassing beautiful beginnings
Track Name: Shackle Dance
Laughing, and I’m feeling so lucky
But I worry almost every single day
Oh, why am I thinking all the years away?

Dancing, look beyond the kitchen curtain
See that nothing’s shackling my feet
No reason I can’t go dancing in the street

At night time, the butterflies sleep inside of me
Hold the cage door open, but they don’t want to be freed

It takes time for significance to take root
No one’s really where they ought to be
A clay bust, a mugshot, a picture on TV

Come morning, I wonder if I’ll find the thread
That makes the day make sense, that gets me out of bed

Starlight, look at all the stars within us
Sounding like a million singing suns
Sing a song about the person I never could become
Track Name: Bread and Butter
We go just like bread and butter
So I won’t leave you all alone

You cast your net across a frozen pond
You didn’t know that I’d come slipping along
Lost my balance, had no sense of time
Until you pressed your mittened hand into mine

You wouldn’t leave me all alone...

Never been in this cabin before
A copper vase hangs above the front door
You served me right, I was so shaken up
Justice over crushed ice poured from cauldron to cup

You wouldn’t leave me all alone...

Honey! Honey!...
Track Name: A Map of Oregon
string the lights across the laundry line
play the favorite number nine
meteor submarines will fly
starry antlers across my thigh

the sky’s a ribbon and you’re a mess
bottle caps on the party dress
as the fireflies light the field
the siren-secrets are revealed

the geese are flying north and south
like the words then from my mouth
and like the summer days
all i see sets to golden blaze

hoof prints in the sandy bank
at the road’s edge where we sank
there are a million of us here
fey eyes glinting the secret shared
Track Name: Never Could See Any Other Way
Today I saw storm clouds--I thought I should maybe make my will
But you closed the windows and sat next to me
I thought of some questions--I thought maybeI could break your will
But you looked in my eyes and reminded me
That the worst was all behind me

Pick up the scene from when the rain stopped
Pick out your favorite line
Pick up the wet things and hang them all up
Pick up a stitch in time
I never could see any other way
I never could see any other way
I’ve made an art of coming apart
You put me together today

My sun shone too brightly--I was scared that you’d just get burned
But you took the rays and shone them back at me
An air of finality--if from you I had fled
My life would be something I need never have led
You said forget it and just come to bed

Pick up the scene from when we wake up
Pick up a guitar and sing
Pick out your best clothes and get all dressed up
See what the day will bring
I never could see any other way
Track Name: Marina del Mar (feat. Astrobeast)
They shared a dream, so they slumbered all summer
Planned to return, having cashed in their Karma
Where’d they go, Nobody knows

They left the keys and a note on the table
Followed a stream somewhere near Coral Gables
Why’d they go, Nobody knows

Hollywood, Hollywood
Wouldn’t Understand them, wouldn’t understand them
Hollywood, Hollywood
Wouldn’t understand them, wouldn’t understand them
No they wouldn’t. No they wouldn’t.

He caught the fish, and he waved it to Mother
Dog on the leash, on the loose--too much bother
Where’d he go, nobody knows

As tall as the trees were, they still could see daylight
Got so much done, but so little of it done right
Why’d they go, nobody knows


Wouldn’t understand..........

They looked out to see, but stayed put in the harbor
What did they sail to Marina Del Mar for?
Nobody knows.
Track Name: The Wrong Tree
Branches sprout doubts and clues come from clouds
No one dare say what they’re thinking out loud
No meetings held, no rioting crowds
What you refuse to believe can remain in a shroud

We raised a family, and they raised one too
We’d meet up on weekends for something to do
Then comes the work week, the kids off to school
So no one was home when it all came unglued

They cut the wrong tree, they cut the wrong tree
And now there’s nothing left for me
They cut the wrong tree, they cut the wrong tree
And where’s my family, where’s my family?

A friend comes around, I ask, “what did you see?”
He said “no one saw through them, before they sawed through the trees
We sent out a call for some hornets and bees..
Why don’t you come stay at our place for a night or two or three?”

They cut the wrong tree, they cut the wrong tree
And now there’s nothing left for me
They cut the wrong tree, they cut the wrong tree
And where’s my family, where’s my family?

There’s so much anguish, I need to let go
I’ve got so much sadness, I’ll never let show
Maybe I’ll sit and seethe in the snow
Maybe I’ll cry when I see the moon’s glow
Track Name: Trying New Jokes
up in the hot air balloon
you said it was too soon
so we landed outside the living room
you started howling at the moon

you’ve gotta know that things are dire
sitting under the mushroom dryer
liar liar head’s on fire

you said i’m tired of the routine
give me something new to see
give me something i’ll believe
if it means lying through all of your teeth

i am trying new jokes
treating you to french fries and coke
we’ll stay in tonight since we’re broke

you said i’m tired....

take off your helmet, shake out your hair
hold hands while the sunset flares
it’s so cinematic, but we don’t care
Track Name: Verbal Income
An opportunity fell in my lap-I brushed it off
The perfect turn of phrase slid down my throat--I tried to cough
Tried to escape it, I couldn’t walk
Tried to explain it, I couldn’t talk
Said I was late, but I couldn’t find a clock
Just static and traffic and the doors all locked

Who threw the dice for me while I stood by--with fingers crossed?
Who said who my friends would be, and who would comfort me--when I was lost?
Who invited me to this space? Whose party is this? Where is this place?
The key information is classified
As to why I’m walking home glassy eyed

I spent my verbal income--a million per annum
The dividends, they say, will serve me fine
Then I feel a stab in the back, I hear a pop and a crack
The heartbeat stops, but the drumbeat is still mine

I spent my verbal income--a million per annum
The dividends, they say, will serve me fine
Then I feel a stab in the back, I hear a pop and a crack
The heartbeat stops, but the drumbeat is still mine

Hey prehistoric man, look at the things that we can do
They futuristic man, look at the scary things that all came true
Give me an estimate, a more-or-lesstimate of how much to give
To these new friends I found in this new hallowed ground in which I live